Today we embark upon a journey, through impermanence and reincarnation. How can one hold that which is fleeting? How can one TOUCH a feeling? A FANTASY? The continuous chatter, the type, and the conspiracies that come and go undone somehow remain held strongly in the palm. Lossless capsules of time spent in INNER, spinning up new realities with every cycle.

Artwork by Pegnosis


The first 4 tracks off of INNER were released to the world and auctioned off via Catalog as NFTs on October 13, 2021; in the coming weeks there will be 4 more that will complete the sonic odyssey. These NFTs are primitives for a world that will slowly unfold with time. Funds spent on these assets will be used to pay for project expenses for expansions such as videos & physical merchandise related to the project.

$INNER is the lifeforce and means of exchange for this world. 10% of $INNER has been allocated to those who participated in the first 4 auctions, another 5% will be allocated to those who participate in this crowdfund and a final 10% will be allocated to those who participate in the final auction.

See you on the Inside…